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Create PowerVS Hosted Cluster

Create Hosted cluster in IBM Cloud PowerVS service.


Please see prerequisites before setting up the cluster

Creating the Cluster

Use the hypershift create cluster powervs command:


./bin/hypershift create cluster powervs \
    --name $CLUSTER_NAME \
    --region $REGION \
    --zone $ZONE \
    --vpc-region $VPC_REGION \
    --base-domain $BASEDOMAIN \
    --resource-group $RESOURCE_GROUP \
    --release-image $RELEASE_IMAGE
    --pull-secret $PULL_SECRET \


  • CLUSTER_NAME is a name for the cluster.
  • REGION is the region where you want to create the PowerVS resources.
  • ZONE is the zone under REGION where you want to create the PowerVS resources.
  • VPC_REGION is the region where you want to create the VPC resources.
  • BASEDOMAIN is the CIS base domain that will be used for your hosted cluster's ingress. It should be an existing CIS domain name.
  • RESOURCE_GROUP is the resource group in IBM Cloud where your infrastructure resources will be created.
  • RELEASE_IMAGE is the latest multi arch release image.
  • PULL_SECRET is a file that contains a valid OpenShift pull secret.
  • node-pool-replicas is worker node count

Running this command will create infra and manifests for the hosted cluster and deploys it.


Need to understand --recreate-secrets flag usage before using it. Enableing this flag will result in recreating the creds mentioned here PowerVSPlatformSpec

This is required when rerunning hypershift create cluster powervs command, since API Key once created cannot be retrieved again.

Please make sure cluster name used is unique across different management cluster before using this flag since this will result in removing the existing cred's service ID and recreate them.