Restart Control Plane Components

The annotation allows a hypershift administrator to restart all control plane components for a particular HostedCluster. This is useful for certificate rotation and in various development situations where a control plane restart is desired.

Restart a control plane by annotating the HostedCluster resource:

oc annotate hostedcluster -n clusters example$(date --iso-8601=seconds)

The restart occurs whenever the value of this annotation changes. The date command in the example serves only as a source of a unique string. The annotation is treated only as a string, not a timestamp.

The list of components restarted are listed below:

  • catalog-operator
  • certified-operators-catalog
  • cluster-api
  • cluster-autoscaler
  • cluster-policy-controller
  • cluster-version-operator
  • community-operators-catalog
  • control-plane-operator
  • hosted-cluster-config-operator
  • ignition-server
  • ingress-operator
  • konnectivity-agent
  • konnectivity-server
  • kube-apiserver
  • kube-controller-manager
  • kube-scheduler
  • machine-approver
  • oauth-openshift
  • olm-operator
  • openshift-apiserver
  • openshift-controller-manager
  • openshift-oauth-apiserver
  • packageserver
  • redhat-marketplace-catalog
  • redhat-operators-catalog