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Create an Azure cluster

# Create an Azure cluster

This document describes how to set up an Azure cluster with Hypershift.


In order to authenticate with Azure, an Application must be created through the web portal. Follow this guide to create one.

Afterwards, create a credentials file that looks like this:

subscriptionId: <your_subscription_id>
tenantId: <your_tenant_id>
clientId: <your_client_id>
clientSecret: <your_client_secret>

Install the Hypershift Operator

hypershift install --external-dns-provider=azure \
--external-dns-credentials <azure.json> \

See external DNS docs for the format of the azure.json file.

Creating the cluster

After the credentials file was set up, creating a cluster is a simple matter of invoking the hypershift cli:

hypershift create cluster azure --pull-secret <pull_secret_file> \
--name <cluster_name> \
--azure-creds <path_to_azure_credentials_file> \
--location eastus --base-domain <base_domain> \
--release-image <release_image> \
--node-pool-replicas 3 \