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Etcd Recovery


Etcd pods for hosted clusters run as part of a statefulset (etcd). The statefulset relies on persistent storage to store etcd data per member. In the case of a HighlyAvailable control plane, the size of the statefulset is 3 and each member (etcd-N) has its own PersistentVolumeClaim (etcd-data-N).

Checking cluster health

Execute into a running etcd pod:

$ oc rsh -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} -c etcd etcd-0 

Setup the etcdctl environment:

export ETCDCTL_API=3
export ETCDCTL_CACERT=/etc/etcd/tls/etcd-ca/ca.crt
export ETCDCTL_CERT=/etc/etcd/tls/client/etcd-client.crt
export ETCDCTL_KEY=/etc/etcd/tls/client/etcd-client.key
export ETCDCTL_ENDPOINTS=https://etcd-client:2379

Print out endpoint health for each cluster member:

etcdctl endpoint health --cluster -w table

Single Node Recovery

If a single etcd member of a 3-node cluster has corrupted data, it will most likely start crash looping, as in:

$ oc get pods -l app=etcd -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}
NAME     READY   STATUS             RESTARTS     AGE
etcd-0   2/2     Running            0            64m
etcd-1   2/2     Running            0            45m
etcd-2   1/2     CrashLoopBackOff   1 (5s ago)   64m

To recover the etcd member, delete its persistent volume claim (data-etcd-N) as well as the pod (etcd-N):

oc delete pvc/data-etcd-2 pod/etcd-2 --wait=false

When the pod restarts, the member should get re-added to the etcd cluster and become healthy again:

$ oc get pods -l app=etcd -n $CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE
etcd-0   2/2     Running   0          67m
etcd-1   2/2     Running   0          48m
etcd-2   2/2     Running   0          2m2s

Recovery from Quorum Loss

If multiple members of the etcd cluster have lost data or are in a crashloop state, then etcd must be restored from a snapshot. The following procedure requires down time for the control plane as the etcd database is restored.

NOTE: The following instructions require the oc and jq binaries.

  1. Setup environment variables that point to your hosted cluster:
  1. Pause reconciliation on the HostedCluster (setting CLUSTER_NAME and CLUSTER_NAMESPACE to values that correspond to your hosted cluster):
oc patch -n ${CLUSTER_NAMESPACE} hostedclusters/${CLUSTER_NAME} -p '{"spec":{"pausedUntil":"true"}}' --type=merge
  1. Scale down API servers:
oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/kube-apiserver --replicas=0
oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/openshift-apiserver --replicas=0
oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/openshift-oauth-apiserver --replicas=0
  1. Take a snapshot of etcd data using one of the following methods:

    a. Use a previously backed up snapshot

    b. Take a snapshot from a running etcd pod (PREFERRED but requires available etcd pod):

    # List etcd pods
    oc get -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} pods -l app=etcd
    # If a pod is available:
    # 1. take a snapshot of its database and save it locally
    # Set ETCD_POD to the name of the pod that is available
    oc exec -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} -c etcd -t ${ETCD_POD} -- env ETCDCTL_API=3 /usr/bin/etcdctl \
    --cacert /etc/etcd/tls/etcd-ca/ca.crt \
    --cert /etc/etcd/tls/client/etcd-client.crt \
    --key /etc/etcd/tls/client/etcd-client.key \
    --endpoints=https://localhost:2379 \
    snapshot save /var/lib/snapshot.db
    # 2. Verify that the snapshot is good
    oc exec -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} -c etcd -t ${ETCD_POD} -- env ETCDCTL_API=3 /usr/bin/etcdctl -w table snapshot status /var/lib/snapshot.db
    # 3. Make a local copy of the snapshot
    oc cp -c etcd ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}/${ETCD_POD}:/var/lib/snapshot.db /tmp/etcd.snapshot.db

    c. Make a copy of the snapshot db from etcd persistent storage:

    # List etcd pods
    oc get -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} pods -l app=etcd 
    # Find a pod that is running and set its name as the value of ETCD_POD 
    # Copy the snapshot db from it
    oc cp -c etcd ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}/${ETCD_POD}:/var/lib/data/member/snap/db /tmp/etcd.snapshot.db
  2. Scale down the etcd statefulset:

oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} statefulset/etcd --replicas=0 
  1. Delete volumes for 2nd and 3rd members:

    oc delete -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} pvc/data-etcd-1 pvc/data-etcd-2

  2. Create pod to access the first etcd member's data:

# Save etcd image
ETCD_IMAGE=$(oc get -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} statefulset/etcd -o jsonpath='{ .spec.template.spec.containers[0].image }')

# Create pod that will allow access to etcd data:
cat << EOF | oc apply -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} -f -
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: etcd-data
  replicas: 1
      app: etcd-data
        app: etcd-data
      - name: access
        image: $ETCD_IMAGE
        - name: data
          mountPath: /var/lib
        - /usr/bin/bash
        - -c
        - |-
          while true; do
            sleep 1000
      - name: data
          claimName: data-etcd-0
  1. Clear previous data and restore snapshot
# Wait for the etcd-data pod to start running
oc get -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} pods -l app=etcd-data 

# Get the name of the etcd-data pod
DATA_POD=$(oc get -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} pods --no-headers -l app=etcd-data -o name | cut -d/ -f2)

# Copy local snapshot into the pod
oc cp /tmp/etcd.snapshot.db ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}/${DATA_POD}:/var/lib/restored.snap.db

# Remove old data
oc exec -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} ${DATA_POD} -- rm -rf /var/lib/data
oc exec -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} ${DATA_POD} -- mkdir -p /var/lib/data

# Restore snapshot
oc exec -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} ${DATA_POD} -- etcdutl snapshot restore /var/lib/restored.snap.db \
     --data-dir=/var/lib/data --skip-hash-check \
     --name etcd-0 \
     --initial-cluster-token=etcd-cluster \
     --initial-cluster etcd-0=https://etcd-0.etcd-discovery.${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}.svc:2380,etcd-1=https://etcd-1.etcd-discovery.${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}.svc:2380,etcd-2=https://etcd-2.etcd-discovery.${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}.svc:2380 \
     --initial-advertise-peer-urls https://etcd-0.etcd-discovery.${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE}.svc:2380

# Remove snapshot from etcd-0 data directory
oc exec -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} ${DATA_POD} -- rm /var/lib/restored.snap.db
  1. Delete data access deployment:
oc delete -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/etcd-data
  1. Scale up etcd cluster:
    oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} statefulset/etcd --replicas=3

Wait for the all etcd member pods to come up and report available:

oc get -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} pods -l app=etcd -w

  1. Scale apiservers back up:
oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/kube-apiserver --replicas=3
oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/openshift-apiserver --replicas=3
oc scale -n ${CONTROL_PLANE_NAMESPACE} deployment/openshift-oauth-apiserver --replicas=3
  1. Remove hosted cluster pause:
oc patch -n ${CLUSTER_NAMESPACE} hostedclusters/${CLUSTER_NAME} -p '{"spec":{"pausedUntil":""}}' --type=merge