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  • The HyperShift CLI (hypershift).

    Install it using Go 1.18:

    git clone
    cd hypershift
    make build
    sudo install -m 0755 bin/hypershift /usr/local/bin/hypershift

  • Admin access to an OpenShift cluster (version 4.8+) specified by the KUBECONFIG environment variable.

  • The OpenShift CLI (oc) or Kubernetes CLI (kubectl).
  • A valid pull secret file for the repository.

Install Hypershift

Install HyperShift into the management cluster. Once Hypershift CLI and management cluster is ready, run below command to install Hypershift operator and CRDs which are required to setup the cluster.

hypershift install


There are two ways to set up authentication

  • Authenticate IBM Cloud Clients by setting the IBMCLOUD_API_KEY environment var to your API Key.
  • Authenticate IBM Cloud Clients by setting the IBMCLOUD_CREDENTIALS environment var pointing to a file containing your API Key.


API Key used should have below services with respective roles for hypershift cluster to get created in IBM Cloud.

Service Roles
Workspace for Power Systems Virtual Server Manager, Administrator
VPC Infrastructure Services Manager, Administrator
Internet Services Manager, Administrator
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IAM Identity Service User API key creator, Service ID creator, Administrator
All account management services Administrator
All Identity and Access enabled services Manager, Editor
Cloud Object Storage Manager, Administrator

Base Domain

Need to have existing CIS Domain in IBM Cloud Internet Services which can be used as a BASEDOMAIN while creating the cluster.

Region and Zones

Refer this to get possible region and zone values. Substitute those with REGION ZONE VPC_REGION and TRANSIT_GATEWAY_LOCATION while creating the cluster.

Release Image

Use this to get latest multi arch nightly build as release image. Substitute it with RELEASE_IMAGE while creating the cluster.

Custom Endpoints

Use following environment variables to set custom endpoint.

IBMCLOUD_POWER_API_ENDPOINT    - to setup PowerVS custom endpoint
IBMCLOUD_VPC_API_ENDPOINT      - to setup VPC custom endpoint
IBMCLOUD_PLATFORM_API_ENDPOINT - to setup platform services custom endpoint
IBMCLOUD_COS_API_ENDPOINT      - to setup COS custom endpoint, can use this to set up custom endpoints mentioned here