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Contributing documentation

HyperShift's documentation is based on MkDocs with the Material theme and roughly follows the Diátaxis Framework for content organization and stylistic approach.

The documentation site is built and published automatically to


All documentation lives in the docs directory of the Git repository.

All content should be Markdown files placed in the docs/content directory. The MkDocs configuration file contains all the MkDocs and Material theme configuration, including the navigation structure for the site.

The image (Dockerfile) is published to provide an easy and portable way to run mkdocs fully configured to preview the site equivalent to the published site.


The file in the repository root is a minimal overview which quickly links users to the latest published documentation. Most content should go in the docs.


The API reference is generated automatically. Do not edit it manually. See the API generation section section for details.

Preview the site locally

To start a live preview of the site which automatically rebuilds and refreshes in response to local content and configuration changes, run the following from the docs directory:

make serve-containerized

Visit the site at


The serve-containerized Make target runs the image with the local container runtime. Running mkdocs natively is possible but not supported.

If you need more control over the local preview server, consult the Makefile as a guide to constructing your own local server command.

Generate the API reference

The API reference is automatically generated by the gen-crd-api-reference-docs tool.

The gen-crd-api-reference-docs tool processes the HyperShift API Go type definitions and reads the Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition metadata associated with the API types. Then gen-crd-api-reference-docs executes a Go template which is provided with context about the processed Go packages. The output of template execution is the docs/content/reference/ file, which contains the API reference documentation content.

  • To change documentation of specific API types, edit the API Go type definitions.
  • To change the structure of the API reference page itself, edit the gen-crd-api-reference-docs Go templates.

To run the API reference docs generator, run the following from the HyperShift Git repository root:

make api-docs