Multi-Cluster Engine for Bare Metal

Within this section, our primary focus revolves around the various deployment methods available for Hosted Clusters, leveraging MCE as a foundational framework. The inclusion of the Hypershift release is planned in MCE's payload, starting from version 2.4, and will be fully integrated by version 2.9 in ACM.

In this segment of the documentation, we will delve into both Connected and Disconnected deployment modes, exploring their respective configurations related to Network stacks:

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Dual Stack

Each of these modes possesses its unique characteristics and intricacies, which will be thoroughly examined—from the Node/Hypervisor configuration to the artifacts entailed in the deployment process.

For more information on specific topics, please refer to the following links:

While our primary focus in this documentation is Virtual Machines, it is important to note that the principles discussed herein are equally applicable to bare metal nodes. We will duly emphasize the distinct considerations associated with each type of deployment.