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Concepts and Personas


Management Cluster

An OpenShift cluster which hosts HyperShift and zero to many Hosted Clusters.

Hosted Cluster

An OpenShift API endpoint managed by HyperShift.

Hosted Control Plane

An OpenShift control plane running on the Management Cluster which is exposed by a Hosted Cluster's API endpoint. The component parts of a control plane include etcd, apiserver, kube-controller-manager, vpn, etc.

Hosted Control Plane Infrastructure

Resources on the Management Cluster or external cloud provider which are prerequisites to running Hosted Control Plane processes.

Management Cluster Infrastructure

Network, compute, storage, etc. of the Management Cluster.

Hosted Cluster Infrastructure

Network, compute, storage, etc. that exist in customer cloud account.


Cluster Service Provider

The user hosting cluster control planes, responsible for up-time. UI for fleet wide alerts, configuring AWS account to host control planes in, user provisioned infra (host awareness of available compute), where to pull VMs from. Has cluster admin management.

Cluster Service Consumer

The user empowered to request control planes, request workers, and drive upgrades or modify externalized configuration. Likely not empowered to manage or access cloud credentials or infrastructure encryption keys.

Cluster Instance Admin

The user with cluster-admin role in the provisioned cluster, but may have no power over when/how cluster is upgraded or configured. May see some configuration projected into the cluster in read-only fashion.

Cluster (Instance) User

Maps to a developer today in standalone OCP. They will not have a view or insight into OperatorHub, Machines, etc.