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Automatically Initialize RegistryOverrides with Image Content Type Policies


The HyperShift Operator (HO) will automatically initialize the control plane operator (CPO) with any image registry override information from any ImageContentSourcePolicy (ICSP) or any ImageDigestMirrorSet (IDMS) instances from an OpenShift management cluster.


OpenShift management clusters do not allow both ICSP and IDMS CR instances. IDMS CRs should be used with OpenShift release image versions 4.13 or higher. ICSPs will be deprecated in future OpenShift release versions.

Technical Implementation Details


In hypershift-operator/main.go, the HO will look to see if its management cluster has either ICSP or IDMS capabilities. If so, it will retrieve the image registry information from the appropriate ICSP or IDMS instances and store them in a variable called imageRegistryOverrides. This variable is then provided to a custom release image provider called ProviderWithOpenShiftImageRegistryOverrides.


The Lookup function for ProviderWithOpenShiftImageRegistryOverrides will use the source and mirror information in imageRegistryOverrides when attempting to look up release images. The ProviderWithOpenShiftImageRegistryOverrides is also provided to the HostedClusterReconciler as its ReleaseProvider. When the HostedClusterReconciler is reconciling, it will pass any image registry overrides to the ignition server reconciler and the CPO deployment specification.

Ignition Server

The ignition server reconciler forwards this information on to the ignition-server container as an environment variable called OPENSHIFT_IMG_OVERRIDES. hypershift/ignition-server/cmd/start.go retrieves this information for the ReleaseProvider for the TokenSecretReconciler. An important caveat for the ignition server, it cannot follow the ImageContentSourcePolicy or ImageDigestMirrorSet rules because there is not a runtime running inside the pod to do the transformations. So, it's necessary to do the image URL live translation to the custom registry address.

Control Plane Operator

The HostedClusterReconciler passes on the image registry override information as an environment variable in the CPO called OPENSHIFT_IMG_OVERRIDES. The CPO will check for the existence of this environment variable when it runs. If the variable exists, it's used to build the HostedControlPlaneReconciler's releaseProvider.

OLM Catalogs

The imageStream used for the OLM catalogs, when using the management (default) OLMCatalogPlacement mode, is not automatically amended with override information detected from ImageContentSourcePolicy (ICSP) on the management cluster. This because there is not an easy way to validate them in advance for imagestreams. In case the OLM catalogs got properly mirrored to an internal registry (using the original name and tag), the guest cluster owner can use the annotation on the HostedCluster CR. The format is: "sr1=dr1,sr2=dr2" having the source registry string as a key and the destination registry string as value. OLM catalog image addresses, before being applied to the imagestream, are scanned for the source registry string and if found the string is replaced with the destination registry one. The cluster admin will also be able to bypass the whole OLM catalogs imagestream mechanism using 4 annotations (,,, on the HostedCluster CR to directly specify the address (only by digest) of the 4 images to be used for OLM operator catalogs. In this case the imageStream is not going to be created, and it will be up to the guest cluster owner updating the value of the annotations when the internal mirror will get refreshed to pull in operator updates. Please notice that if this override mechanism is required, all the 4 values for the 4 default catalog sources are needed.