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The mirroring step can take some time to complete, so we recommend starting with this part once the Registry server is up and running.

For this purpose, we will use the oc-mirror tool, a binary that utilizes an object called ImageSetConfiguration.

In this file, you can specify:

  • The OpenShift versions to mirror (they should be located in
  • The additional operators to mirror, selecting packages individually.
  • The extra images you want to add to the repository.


Please ensure you modify the appropriate fields to align with your laboratory environment.

Here is an example of the ImageSetConfiguration that we will use for our mirroring:

kind: ImageSetConfiguration
    imageURL: registry.hypershiftbm.lab:5000/openshift/release/metadata:latest
    - name: candidate-4.14
      minVersion: 4.14.0-ec.1
      maxVersion: 4.14.0-ec.3
      type: ocp
    graph: true
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - name:
  - catalog:
    - name: lvms-operator
    - name: local-storage-operator
    - name: odf-csi-addons-operator
    - name: odf-operator
    - name: mcg-operator
    - name: ocs-operator
    - name: metallb-operator

Make sure you have your ${HOME}/.docker/config.json file updated with the registries you are trying to mirror from and your private registry to push the images to.

After that, we can begin the mirroring process:

oc-mirror --source-skip-tls --config imagesetconfig.yaml docker://${REGISTRY}

Once the mirror finishes, you will have a new folder called oc-mirror-workspace/results-XXXXXX/ which contains the ICSP and the CatalogSources to be applied later on the HostedCluster.

Mirroring Nightly and CI releases

The bad part in all of this, we cannot cover nightly or CI versions of Openshift so we will need to use the oc adm release mirror to mirror those versions.

To mirror the nightly versions we need for this deployment, you need to execute this:

REGISTRY=registry.$(hostname --long):5000

oc adm release mirror \ \
  --to=${REGISTRY}/openshift/release \

For more detailed and updated information, you can visit the official Documentation or GitHub repository

Mirror MCE internal releases

In order to mirror all the MCE latest images uploaded to or if it's internal and you can access the ACM documentation.