Watching the Control Plane

Now it's a matter of waiting for the cluster to finish the deployment, so let's take a look at some useful commands on the Management cluster side:

export KUBECONFIG=/root/.kcli/clusters/hub-ipv4/auth/kubeconfig

watch "oc get pod -n hypershift;echo;echo;oc get pod -n clusters-hosted-ipv4;echo;echo;oc get bmh -A;echo;echo;oc get agent -A;echo;echo;oc get infraenv -A;echo;echo;oc get hostedcluster -A;echo;echo;oc get nodepool -A;echo;echo;"

This command will give you info about:

  • What is the Hypershift Operator status
  • The HostedControlPlane pod status
  • The BareMetalHosts
  • The Agents
  • The Infraenv
  • The HostedCluster and NodePool

This is how it looks: