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Image Content Policies

Once the mirroring process is complete, you will have two main objects that need to be applied in the Management Cluster:

  1. ICSP (Image Content Source Policies) or IDMS (Image Digest Mirror Set).
  2. Catalog Sources.

Using the oc-mirror tool, the output artifacts will be located in a new folder called oc-mirror-workspace/results-XXXXXX/.

ICSP/IDMS will trigger a "special" MachineConfig change that will not reboot your nodes but will reboot the kubelet on each of them.

Once all nodes are schedulable and marked as READY, you will need to apply the new catalog sources generated.

The catalog sources will trigger some actions in the openshift-marketplace operator, such as downloading the catalog image and processing it to retrieve all the PackageManifests included in that image. You can check the new sources by executing oc get packagemanifest using the new CatalogSource as a source.

Applying the Artifacts

First, we need to create the ICSP/IDMS artifacts:

oc apply -f oc-mirror-workspace/results-XXXXXX/imageContentSourcePolicy.yaml

Now, wait for the nodes to become ready again and execute the following command:

oc apply -f catalogSource-XXXXXXXX-index.yaml